Testimony Group, Inc.

A Multimedia Youth Organization

About Testimony Group, Inc.

Founded in 2004 by Director and CEO David L. Phillips, Testimony Group, Inc. is a multimedia youth organization that provides specialized training in videography, filming, editing, and life skills enrichment on behalf of at risk youth. Testimony Group, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.


The Mission of Testimony Group, Inc.:

  • to work with less fortunate youth ages 8 to 17 years old; in an effort to keep at risk youth off the streets, and to help reduce the crime rate and gang related incidents among youth in the community
  • to specialize in vocational training through video camera, lighting, and audio usage; as well as learning the fundamentals of filmmaking, screenwriting, directing, producing, and editing; in an effort to introduce youth to a highly trained profession that may lead them onto a path of a promising future career in the multimedia industry
  • to provide life skills enrichment in an effort to help instill and promote confidence, self esteem, and self awareness of individual gifts and talents among the youth; including writing, speaking, acting, dancing, singing, and athletics
  • to provide after school tutoring sessions in an effort to help youth achieve more effective study methods that can help them excel academically on classroom and homework assignments, tests, and exams 
  • to help promote an increase in spiritual growth and maturity, as well as in moral values, character, and integrity; and to enhance team building and leadership skills among the youth by serving in the community to help others less fortunate; including but not limited to, those in nursing homes and shelters
  • to help develop an appreciation for cultural arts by attending and filming appropriate community and social events; including but not limited to, museums, art galleries, theatrical plays, music concerts, weddings, church events, sporting events, and government forums