Testimony Group, Inc.

A Multimedia Youth Organization


Testimony Group, Inc. would greatly appreciate your support! Whether you are an individual, organization, ministry, or business; if you believe in the continuing success of this organization to make a positive impact among the lives of others; become a sponsor by giving a generous tax deductible financial donation today.

The Financial Goal of Testimony Group, Inc. 

Your sponsorship will help Testimony Group, Inc. meet its year end financial goal of five million dollars ($5,000,000) in an effort to help accomplish the following:

  • become better equipped with more advanced multimedia equipment for youth training including; cameras, lighting, audio, software, computers, and monitors
  • provide modernized training resources, materials, and teaching curriculum for youth training
  • provide vocational training and life skills enrichment facilitators for youth training, and educational tutoring
  • provide nutritious snacks and meals for youth participants during vocational training and tutoring sessions
  • cover expenditures associated with youth participation in cultural arts activities and events
  • acquire multiple vehicle purchase to provide safe and reliable transportation for youth to participate in off site cultural arts activities, sporting events, and filming projects
  • acquire property lease or purchase for a larger, more state of the art facility that will adequately and comfortably accommodate training for approximately 100 youth daily throughout each week 

As you see, your sponsorship will help greatly increase creativity, learning skills, and overall achievement among our youth. As a sponsor, you will receive periodic vocational training and life skills enrichment progress reports about our youth, be named in our sponsorship directory, and we will list your name, service, or business on this website.

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